Research Areas


Our laboratory seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms of protein-mediated solute transport across cell membranes and the molecular physiology of transport regulation in response to metabolic and endocrine stimuli.

Our model system is the mammalian glucose transport protein GLUT1. GLUT1 plays a vital role in organismal carbohydrate distribution and metabolism in mammals and is experimentally amenable to biochemical and molecular analysis of function. We are actively investigating several areas of GLUT1 biology. These are:

  1. GLUT1 architecture and ligand binding domains
  2. The steps mediating GLUT1 catalyzed glucose transport across cell membranes
  3. GLUT1 structural elements that allow GLUT1 to assemble as a GLUT1 homotetramer
  4. The regulation of GLUT1 structure and function by cytoplasmic ATP
  5. The biology of GLUT1-mediated sugar transport in cells of the cardiovascular system and brain.
  6. How our understanding of GLUT1-mediated glucose transport impacts (and is impacted by) our understanding of other transport systems.

We use contemporary biophysical, biochemical, molecular biological, cell biological and systems approaches to address these issues.